The project

The UFV Ambassadors Project started in January 2015 through the interest of Carolina Stroppa, a graduate student of the Trilingual Executive Secretariat course at the Federal University of Viçosa, to create a project that could help new exchange students at the university. In this initial stage of the project, the support and support of the OIF (Office of International Affairs) was very important for the elaboration and operation of the project.

The initial members of the UFV Ambassadors were all students of the Trilingual Executive Secretariat course but today there is students from many different majors in UFV.

The UFV Ambassadors project has the mission to receive, integrate, assist and guide the students of national and international academic mobility linked to the Federal University of Viçosa, promoting to the exchange students a great experience and a exchange of different cultures.

We aim to be a national reference in the process of reception and assistance of students of academic mobility, focusing on the cultural exchange, internationalisation and development of the Federal University of Viçosa.

The members of the UFV Ambassadors, besides acting in the reception of the students from mobility, also participate actively in the management of the project, acting in one of the work teams: general, communication, integration, resources or relationships.

In order to be an Ambassador the person must be ethical and transparent in conducting activities, have empathy, work as a team encouraging collaborative spirit and proactivity, be open to cultural diversities, be caring and welcoming.

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